​​​​Tuapeka Honey — Made with love by the Young family   

Tuapeka Honey are a boutique honey company that brings pure New Zealand Honey to the international market. Established in 2017 by South Otago beekeepers Dana and Megan Young our Honey is sourced from the Otago region in the South Island of New Zealand. All Tuapeka Honey is traceable to its source, from the beehive to your kitchen pantry. The beautiful rural area supplies some of New Zealand’s finest honey.


Our focus is on quality honey, over quantity. We keep our beehive numbers low so that they receive the attention they deserve. Tuapeka Honey is processed in our own processing factory which operates according to all legislative requirements. This includes operating under a strict Health and Safety program and Food Safety and Risk Management programs. Our honey is kept as natural as possible; there are no additives, flavourings colourings or preservatives added. The natural flavours and aromas occur through our unique processing which ensures that the honey is not over-mixed or kept in an over-heated environment.


We remove only the surplus honey, ensuring our bees have enough honey stores to get them through the winter and spring, until the main nectar flow starts in summer. This practice eliminates the need to feed with sugar, and is reflected in the health and strength of our bees. Our hives are free from all  chemical pesticides and herbicides.

Sustainability is paramount to us here at Tuapeka Honey. All of our packaging is made from recyclable materials. Our beehives are prepared using only natural and environmentally friendly methods in our hive management. We are continually looking to reduce waste and minimise our carbon footprint.


What started from a passion for beekeeping has now developed into a full time, rewarding business for Dana and Megan. They enjoy sharing what they believe to be an amazing health beneficial product in the form of pure New Zealand Honey. Tuapeka Honey now produce a wide range of raw, unpasteurised honey with high nutritional value. Our varieties include Clover, Kamahi, Manuka Blend, Kanuka, Rata, and Honeycomb. These can be purchased through our online honey shop or in any of our retail agencies. Please enquire directly if you are looking to import bulk honey to your destination.



Dana and Megan Young xoxox


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