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We keep our honey as natural as possible. It is raw and unpasteurised, thus retaining its full nutritional value, flavour, and pollen content. No flavourings, colourings, additives or preservatives are added.


We produce a number of varieties depending on the season and weather, which include Clover, Kamahi, Manuka blend, Kanuka, Rata, honeycomb, and honey powder. Check them out in our shop!


We hope you love our honey as much as we love making it.



Dana and Megan Young xoxox

Tuapeka Honey is a boutique beekeeping and honey business, based in Lawrence. We operate 450 hives within a 100km radius, across the wider Tuapeka region of South Otago, New Zealand.

This area is renowned for its clean rolling hills, which produce some of the best sheep and beef cattle in New Zealand. These pastures are abundant in clover, from which most of our honey is sourced.


We focus on quality over quantity, keeping our hive numbers low so we can manage our hives with the love and care that they deserve. Wherever possible, we use local companies and suppliers as we understand the need for local support in order to survive as a small business.


We remove only the surplus honey, ensuring our bees have enough honey stores to get them through the winter and spring, until the main nectar flow starts in summer. This practice eliminates the need to feed with sugar, and is reflected in the health and strength of our bees. 


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