Glenomaru Valley

Glenomaru Valley is a small hidden gem in the dense Catlins bush area. Better known as a hunting and fishing destination, it is the perfect spot for some of our apiaries for collecting the unique Kamahi Honey. The Catlins region features a coastal landscape and dense temperate rainforest. It is the largest area of native forest remaining on the South Island's east coast; containing a variety of native tree species including,Rata, Kahikatea, Rimu and Kamahi.


The Kamahi is a common native that can be found in New Zealand forests. A medium-sized forest tree, it can reach 80 or more feet. Trunks are irregular and there are usually more than one to a tree. Leaves are 2–4 in. long, and are coarsely and bluntly toothed. The small creamy flowers are in short clusters and are very attractive to bees. 

Our Kamahi honey is sort after by some of New Zealand's finest chefs. It provides a uniquely identifiable honey flavour to their dishes. A great replacement for sugar in coffee, it has been likened to molasses and toffee.

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