Manuka Gorge, Gabriel's Gully and Tuapeka West

Our Manuka Honey Blend is a multifloral blend sourced mainly from the Manuka (Leptospermum scoparium) tree. The Manuka (Leptospermum scoparium) is a hardy native New Zealand species which can be found throughout rugged New Zealand terrain. Originally used by Captain Cook and his team for making tea from the leaves it is also known as the “Tea Tree”.

The Manuka Gorge is situated between Lawrence and Milton; a dense forest of Manuka trees it features the Manuka creek. Gabriel's Gully - is more famously known for its location as New Zealands first major gold rush. It is within 3 kilometres of Lawrence township and close to the Tuapeka River. Tuapeka West - down steam from Beaumont to Tuapeka mouth and includes the Rongahere gorge. 

Manuka Honey is internationally famous for its medicinal and ant-bacterial properties. Our Manuka Blend flavour has been described as  having a medium sweetness with a subtle nutty flavour. This affordable blend can be enjoyed as an everyday honey for toast, in smoothies, yoghurts and in baking. But has equally been used as a natural energy and immunity booster, or as a great home remedy with lemon and hot water for those sore throat.

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