Beat Winter Colds Naturally

Let’s face it – being sick is not fun, in fact colds and sore throats are enough to make anyone feel miserable. Below are some natural tips for helping alleviate symptoms of the common cold and flu.

Raise the Bed – Have your child sleep with an extra pillow or raise the end of their bed. This will help drain their nasal passages and clear their heads.

Keep the tissues handy – blowing noses actually helps! Clearing excess mucus is better for the body and it can help to relieve pressure in the sinuses. Ensure children wash their hands after nose blowing.

Get lots of rest – now is not the time to be pressuring the body to run that 5km personal best. Get extra sleep and take naps if need be.

Warm wheat pack – resting with a warm wheat pack on the sinuses can help relieve pressure in the sinuses.

Gargle Salt water – For a sore throat, gargle salt water 4-5 times a day. ¼ to ½ a tsp salt to 250ml of warm water.

Hot Lemon and Honey drinks – see recipe below. Soothing for the throat and helps keep the fluids up.

Honey is often our family go to when sore throats and colds are prevalent. Honey is not only known as a natural antibiotic, but it is very soothing and puts a lining on the throat to protect it.


· 1 cup hot water

· 1-2 teaspoons of honey – depending on taste (we recommend the Kamahi or Manuka Blend) for this recipe.

· Juice of one medium lemon.


1. Juice the lemon – you will need at least 2 teaspoons of juice.

2. Heat water on the stove or in a microwave proof mug.

3. Add honey - (Tuapeka Native Manuka Blend) and lemon juice. Mix until honey is dissolved.

4. Turmeric, Ginger are natural herbs loaded with antioxidants and act as anti-inflammatories as well. You may choose to add ½ a teaspoon of one or the other or both!

Please remember - these tips are to fight the symptoms only, not the infection, which may last up to a week. If your symptoms persistor woresen, ie sore muscles, fevers, shortness of breathe - seek medical attention for your general practitioner.

-Stay Well!

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